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Some Interesting Reading Related to Fitness Topics

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 "I highly recommend heart rate monitors." - Rita

SPARK. The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. By John J. Ratey, M.D., and Eric Hagerman

In this book, the connection between the benefits of exercise to the brain are discussed and some interesting studies are sited.

"The neuroscientists have just begun studying exercise's impact within brain cells… Even there, in the roots of our biology, they've found signs of the body's influence on the mind. It turns out that moving our muscles produces proteins that travel through the bloodstream and into the brain, where they play pivotal roles in the mechanisms of our highest thought processes… There's still much we don't understand about what happens in the microenvironment of the brain, but I think what we do know can change people's lives" (Ratey 5).

Exercise can help us cope with depression, anxiety or even ADHD and when we understand the many important benefits of physical activity, it is easier to include it in our lives. In this book, a study done at Naperville Central High School in Chicago was very enlightening. The unique curriculum of the PE class made an amazing difference with the students test scores and it enhanced their lives in many ways. Exercise also improves focus and serves as a social lubricant. This is so important in children at the age when they are self-conscious. I think this is very interesting reading for all parents that would like to know how to help their child achieve their best in life.

Sports Nutrition Guidebook. 4th edition. Nancy Clark, MS, RD

"Few people fully appreciate the power of food in the prevention and treatment of the so-called diseases of aging, which are, in reality, diseases of inactivity and poor nutrition."

One thing you can be sure of is, to maintain a healthy weight, calories consumed must equal calories burned.

Time Magazine, Special Nutrition issue, September 12, 2011, pages 48-58.

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"Mood Boosting Workouts", Real Simple Magazine, September, 2011, pages 200-205.

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"Rx for Pain in the Back . . . Neck. . . Shoulders . . More", Joel Harper, Bottom Line Personal Magazine, November 1, 2011, pages 9-10.

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"Big Fat Myths", Beth Howard, AARP Magazine, November 2011, page 22.

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"How to Exercise despite Pain", Marilyn Moffat, Bottom Line Personal, September 15, 2018.

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